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The Most Versatile Keynote Speaker - Avinash Narula

Customer Mathematician and Management Guru Avinash Narula is one of the most diversified and versatile keynote speaker in the world. Avinash Narula speaks extempore, gets audience’s attention by making a dramatic statement, and holds them spellbound with real life examples and personal experiences. His audience feels that he is one of them because he relates his talk to their environment and wherever possible he involves them in the discussion.

He only speaks on topics in which he sincerely believes in and has passion for or where he has something new and exciting to say. He tells a riveting original story with a inspiring and a refreshing message. Avinash is guaranteed to make you reflect and analyze as well as seriously change your approach and thought process. What more. You will enjoy, smile and laugh but remain seriously focused on the message.

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Master Story Teller - Unique Concepts

The unbelievable versatility of Avinash Narula as a keynote speaker is evident from the variety of topics that he speaks on: 

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Books by Avinash Narula

customer satisfaction books
Customer Math
Learn Customer Mathematics, you will never dare to make the customers unhappy.
CRM Book
Taking The Buzz - CRM Books
Discover why CRM is not working. Find out what you need to do to make it work.
advertising strategy book
Implementing Advertising strategy
Learn how to create creative and cost effective marketing collaterals.
Communication Book
Communicating Your Ideas Effectively
Understand the key to making effective presentations and writing reports.
customer icebergs book
Find out how customer icebergs are adversely affecting your bottom line.
motivational books india
Get to know about the existence and working of the invisible Unhappy Customer Stock Exchange.

Videos / CDs on Management, Motivation and Inspiration by Avinash Narula

Motivation Video CD Inspiration Video CD Motivation Video CD Inspiration Video CD