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Customer Service Topic

Avinash Narula, a well known keynote speaker speaks on Customer Service Topic, that is, Customer Icebergs. Find out what customer icebergs, how they are created and how they can make your life miserable.

Customer Icebergs

Customer Icebergs BookWe live in a world where products and services are not perfect. Where each customer experience is different from the next and where each company attends to its customer base in a different manner all together. However good the product or service may be, there will always be customers who are unhappy about something or the other. Mr Narula reveals in this seminar a unique phenomenon. He suggests that a customer iceberg is formed every time a customer is ill treated by the company he or she is dealing with. These Customer Icebergs cuase a tremendous amount of damage to the company, its image and bottom line. Mr Narula will reveal in this seminar how these so called customer icebergs formed and why.

Customer icebergs are formed because of the insensitivity of the business world. The good news is that we have some control over their formation as compared to the icebergs whose formation we have no control over. It is when complaints are not handled effectively and in a timely manner that customer icebergs are formed. Every dissatisfied customer turns into a customer iceberg. Depending upon a number of factors, some of these customer icebergs turn into large and more dangerous customer icebergs.

So listen to management speaker and customer guru Avinash Narula explain in detail about the various types of Icebergs, the life cycle of an Iceberg, the number of Icebergs, Age, colour, speed of movement and the damage that they cause to your ship of business without you even getting to know about it.