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Inspiring Leadership Keynote Speaker

Avinash Narula is an inspiring leadership keynote speaker. The topic of leadership has been unnecessarily made complex. What creates an effective leader is on everybody’s mind. What qualities a good leader should have has been researched to death. As everybody knows, Avinash Narula likes making everything simple and easy to understand. According to Avinash Narula, practically everyone is a leader or can become a leader. He has very simple theory on how you can become a leader.

A master storyteller as well as a Corporate and motivational speaker, Avinash Narula keeps everyone engaged irrespective of the size of the audience. What make Avinash an effective speaker is that he does not teach, rather he shares his experiences as well as discusses stories of others to convince the audience of his ideas. Add to this his extempore delivery from the heart and you have a winner. No fancy PowerPoint slides or audio visuals. No tricks, no games, no gimmicks. Just the spoken word with natural emotion.

Avinash Narula has the ability to make the audience integrate the content of his message with their own personal experiences and environment leading to internalization of his message.

Some of the programs that Avinash Narula conducts as a leadership keynote speaker are as follows:

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  I will do it

Avinash Narula has developed this concept based on his professional experience both in India and abroad. A leader has to lead the way. He should be willing to accept challenges and say, “I will do it.” We also have a range of gift items and reminder tools based on this concept such as posters, pen stands, greeting cards, coffee mugs and Video CDs. Also, we offer short seminars on the subject also.

  Simple steps to effective leadership

Avinash Narula believes that everyone is a leader. Most people play a leadership role in their life. He may play a leadership role in his work environment or in other areas of his life including family, RWA, among friends, club etc. Basically, leadership is about achieving established goals with the support of others. According to Avinash Narula, a person can enhance his leadership skills through some very basic ideas which he discusses in his seminar.