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Customer Satisfaction Topics

Avinash Narula, known as Customerman, speaks on a wide range of customer satisfaction topics including Customermath which is based on his first book on the subject.


The inception of the Customer Math phenomenon has made us believers since day one by providing us with the mathematical that Customer Retention is the best strategy for success in ones business and career. In fact, you would be interested in knowing that this concept was brought to life by a Rs. 9,000 mistake back in 1997. This event triggered a whole lot of thought which ultimately gave birth to what Mr Narula trains various companies on today, Customer Math. To sum this up in a few words, Customer Math strongly believes that the "Customer is King."

The aim of this seminar is to turn the audience into a BELIEVER in the concept of "Customer is King" by turning them into Customer Mathematician. This will allow the human capital of your company to start tapping into the enormous potential of the customer to your advantage through higher levels of customer satisfaction and customer retention.

In the real business world, the concept of customer satisfaction and retention is well known but not believed or followed sincerely. In the absence of hard figures, Customer Math is a concrete concept which can ensure that companies and individuals around the world start believing that their customers are their most valuable assets. What's more interesting about Customer Math is that its mathematical formulae's will convince you that the customer is the undisputed 'king' and that customer satisfaction is profitable. In the Universe of Customer Math, 1 is not equal to 1. Some of the Customer Math interesting formula are 1=5, 1=23, 1=3, 10%=47%, 1=12, 1=10000, 5%=50% and 91%=18%. These formulae will stump a common man who has not been exposed to the thought behind these numbers. Through these formulae, Customer Math will show you how customer defections can ruin a company's bottom line without the company even getting to know about it. Customer mathematics will amaze you by showing you how you can acquire new customers without a sales and marketing team or an advertising agency.

So invite management speaker and customer guru Avinash Narula to speak at your event and let him convince the audience mathematically the importance of customer satisfaction and retention. Once a person has heard Avinash Narula, he will not dare to make a customer unhappy.