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Customer Satisfaction Topics

Avinash Narula, also known as Customerman, talks on a broad range of customer retention topics including Unhappy Customer Stock Exchange which is based on one of his books on the subject.

Unhappy Customer Stock Exchange

customer-satisfaction-bookThe problem with us as businessmen and professionals is that we do not realize the price we pay for letting go of unhappy customers. Day after day companies exchange their unhappy customers with the unhappy customers of their competitors. By doing this we give up some of our profits as well as market share.

Avinash Narula reveals the existence of the Unhappy Customer Stock Exchange and throws tremendous light on to this universal problem.  Mr Narula takes us thru an invigorating session where he explains how most of us don’t even come to know that we have become members of the Unhappy Customer Stock Exchange; after all it is invisible. And our constant trading at the Unhappy Customer Stock Exchange not only affects our profitability, but also harms our brand equity and goodwill in the market. As soon as you lose a customer, you unknowingly become members of the invisible Unhappy Customer Stock Exchange. Invisible because you can’t see it like the other stock exchanges. It has no physical location or an address. You are not trading assets here, but liabilities. These liabilities are your unhappy customers that you have lost. Every unhappy dissatisfied customer who deserts you is a liability. Why? Because she could be bad mouthing you to potential customers who you are trying to acquire through your expensive advertising campaign, resulting in loss of business for you.

The aim of this seminar is to draw the audience’s attention to how unhappy customers are traded every single day amongst business and how they eventually deprive you of the new customers you would want to acquire. Unlike other stock exchanges, your membership to the Unhappy Customer Stock Exchange is involuntary. You have no choice. As soon as you lose a customer, you automatically become a member of this stock exchange and start trading in it.
So, if you want to avoid trading at the Unhappy Customer Stock Exchange and pleasantly surprise your guests with an interesting concept, invite Avinash Narula to your event. After they have heard Avinash Narula, they will thank you for enlightening them with a concept that will add to their success.