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Keynote speaker Avinash Narula is also a motivational speaker. As a motivational speaker, he speaks on a variety of motivational speaker topics. These include Just Say I will do it, You are like a software and more.

I will do it

If you ask aeronautical engineers if a bumble bee should fly and they would have flatly refuse because of the weight and the structure of the body of the bumble bee. But yet it flies against all odds.

If you would have asked me 15 years back if I could write a book, I would have said no. Yet, today I have written 6 books and am planning to write a few more.

If you would have asked Dasrath Manjhi whether he could have built a road through a mountain single handedly with just a hammer and a chisel, he would have laughed at you. But he did build a road.

So what is it that motivates a person to achieve some thing that initially seems almost impossible to accomplish?  What is that makes ordinary people achieve something extraordinary? I believe it is the inherent spirit of the human being to overcome all odds and constraints to achieve the extraordinary or what seems almost impossible to achieve. And this spirit is awakened when we say, "I will do it."

So what happens when we say "I will do it?" Are these some magic words? Actually, coming to think of it, one always says these words directly or indirectly before one does anything. You may say these words loudly or just say it to yourself but you say it before doing anything. These four words, according to my experience, are a prerequisite to success. Why? Let me explain.

Success comes from hard work and utilizing all your capabilities to the maximum. Even to use the capability of others, you have to have the capability to find the right people as well as the capability to organize and motivate them to work towards the common goal and achieve the same. For instance, the first book that I wrote involved my capabilities as well as that of an editor. The idea for the book and the storytelling format was mine. I used the editor's capability to fine tune my story. For the next five books I used my own capabilities.

The problem is that we do not fully use our capabilities because of two reasons. First, for a variety of reasons we do not fully use the capabilities that we know we have. We do voluntarily accept responsibility to do something that we know we are capable of doing. My point is that unless we do something with the help of our capabilities how will we achieve success? If I had not decided to use my idea of Customer Mathematics and story telling skills, how would I have become an author?

Also, sometimes people think that doing the same thing again and again is boring so they do not accept the responsibility to do it. This is a mistake. I believe you become an expert at doing what you are doing again and again. When you do something again and again you become familiar with what works and what doesn't in different situations. You also become familiar with odd circumstances or variable which probably occur once in while. You are not surprised when you see the same thing again and also know how to deal with it. In addition, by doing something again and again, you also increase your efficiency in doing it.

Second, we are not aware of the hidden capabilities that we have. For instance, I didn't know that I had the creative capability to develop a newsletter from scratch or the capability to write its content. I discovered this when I took up the responsibility to do so while working for a company in the U.S.  Dasrath Manjhi didn't know that he could build a road single handedly till he tried it. I would have laughed at you if you have predicted 10 years ago that I would end up writing 6 books. I believe that human beings are a package of different capabilities. At any point of time, we have some known and some unknown capabilities. We are like a software like Microsoft Word. Most of us, are not aware of what all Microsoft Word can do. Majority of us use it for simple word processing whereas in reality the software can perform a number different functions like mail merge. We all take the easy route and do not even try to find out the complete capabilities of the software. Similarly, we also do not bother to find out what are our own capabilities are. No wonder, most of us do not know what our capabilities are. There is hidden talent in all of us just waiting to be exploited. My point is that how would we know what all we are capable of till we do it?

We usually take the easy way out. We do not even try to find out what all we can do just like we do not make the effort to find out what all the software can do for us. No wonder, most of us do not know what all we are capable of. There is latent or hidden talent in all of us just waiting to be exploited. My point is that how would we know what all we are capable of till we do it?

This is where "I will do it" comes in. When you say "I will do it," you sub-consciously accept the challenge and become more determined to do what you are planning to do. This determination directly or indirectly forces you to use all your capabilities, both known and hidden, to do what you said "you will do it."
So when you say the four words "I will do it," you will achieve success because you will:

  1. Become an expert at what you know you can do.
  2. Become efficient and effective at what you know you can do.
  3. Discover your hidden capabilities. You will be surprised to find out what your hidden capabilities are as I was.
  4. Realize the full potential of your capabilities, both known and unknown.
  5. End up doing something extraordinary.
  6. Learn something new and expand your capabilities.
  7. Accomplish more than others.

Some would say that by just saying "I will do it," I will also fail. So what? At least you will fail after trying. Without doing anything, you have failed without even trying. Also, I believe that even when you fail, you will always learn something valuable from your experience. When you fail, you learn why you failed and what you shouldn't do next time. When you succeed, you learn what works and what you should do next time. So don't worry about failing when you say "I will do it." Just say "I will do it" and you will be surprised as to what you can achieve.

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