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Motivational Talk

Listen to motivational talk by Avinash Narula on a varity of topics including You are like a software. He compares everybody to a software to prove that there is a lot of hidden talent hidden in us which we need to exploit.

You are like a software

What can a human being do? What can you accomplish? What can we achieve? Nobody knows for sure. But we do know that we have been known to do the unthinkable and achieve what initially seemed impossible. From our past experience, we know that we have the inherent strength to overcome all odds and accomplish what most people thought was impossible.

I have realized that a human being is a bundle of capabilities, both known and unknown just like an application software like Microsoft Excel. Majority of us do not know what all we are capable of just like majority of us do not know what all a software like Microsoft Excel is capable of. Most of us just use Microsoft Excel for simple spreadsheets whereas the software is capable of doing a lot more as is also true of human beings. Did you know that Microsoft Excel can perform a wide range of engineering, statistical and financial calculations? Did you know that Excel  allows you to easily calculate financial values like present and future values?  Did you know that it allows solving of differential equations of mathematical physics? Did you know it can access data from external databases, update it, analyze the results, make a report in Word format or a slide show in Power Point, and also e-mail these reports regularly to those who need to receive it? Did you know that it can do data sorting and analysis as well as real time integration with other applications? I didn't and I am sure that you didn't also.

After finishing my MBA from University of Illinois, I started working for a company which was involved in maintenance of electronic equipment. They used to work with a service software called FieldWatch. One day my boss called me and asked me if I would like to test this software to find out how the company can use the software and its capability in the most effective way. I was a little surprised because I didn't have a software background. However, it sounded interesting and I landed up saying, "I will do it."

I asked the MIS department to set-up the software separately for me on the server and I started experimenting with it. For example, I input sample data in different ways and in different combinations. I found that software had awesome capabilities and that the company was not even using 5% of its capabilities. For instance, it had the capability to calculate the cost of maintaining a specific equipment model manufactured in a particular year. This is a key piece of information that could assist it in establishing a competitive advantage for itself.

You and I are also like a software. We do not know what all we are capable. We are aware of only a small percentage of our capabilities. Majority of our capabilities are hidden.

For instance, I didn't know that I was creative till I had to develop a newsletter for a company from scratch. While developing the newsletter, I also discovered that I could or write. If you would have told me 15 years back that I would be publishing 6 books, I would have laughed at you.

In addition, we also improve upon our capabilities and build new ones just like a software. With customer feedback and company's own research, new versions of the software with enhanced capabilities are introduced at periodic intervals. New versions of you and I are also introduced at periodic intervals. In 1980, while working for Mahindras I discovered that I could train people. In 1989, while I was studying at the University of Illinois I discovered that I was not good at teaching but that I also enjoyed it. In 2003, I realized that I had the confidence and ability to stand in front of a large group of people and speak extempore on a subject.

So never sell yourself short. Don't think that your capabilities are limited to what you know from your past experience. Don't benchmark what you can achieve from what you have achieved in the past. Remember, you a bundle of capabilities with an inherent human spirit to challenge and overcome all odds to achieve something extraordinary.

Most of us usually take the easy way out. We do not even try to find out what all we can do. Just like we do not make the effort to find out what all the software can do for us. I remember when I was in the US, I used to read the complete manual of a software just to know what all functions it could perform. No wonder, most of us are unaware of what all we are capable of. There is latent or hidden talent in all of us. All we have to do is exploit it.

However, the question is how do you and I get to know what you and I are capable of doing? How do I know what I am capable of achieving? What is it that motivates a person to achieve some thing that initially seems almost impossible to accomplish? What is that makes ordinary people achieve something extraordinary? I believe all you have to do is try and say "I will do it" at every opportunity you get to say it.