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Motivational Topics

There are two things important for a motivational talk to be interesting. One. Topic and its content. Two, the ability of the speaker to deliver it in an interesting manner. “Why we lose values” is one of the very important motivational topics in today’s environment as we are increasingly getting more and more materialistic.

Why We Lose Values

Why is it that we are willing to lose our values at the drop of a hat? This is primarity because we are living in an “Instant” world. We want everything done in an instant. As such, we want to achieve success, wealth and fame in an instant. We see people achieving instant success and we want the same. We do not see the hard work and struggle behind the success of others. We only see the end result but not the process behind the success. Our desire to achieve instant success is what forces us to adopt short cuts which cause us to compromise on our values and our integrity.

So Call Avinash Narula to your corporate event and conference and find out “why we lose values” as well as how you can achieve success without losing your values.