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Inspiring Motivational Speaker – Avinash Narula

Avinash Narula is an awesome inspiration and motivational speaker. A natural storyteller, he motivates his audience with his own stories of self experience as well as those of others. It is own stories that bring credibility and originality to this thoughts and makes the audience feel that he is just like one of them and that if he can do it so can they. His captivating casual extempore delivery style with a touch of humour captures the attention of the audience and holds them spellbound.

He customizes his talk so as to relate to his audience. As a result, no two seminars are the same. He does not give canned presentations. His motivational seminars are specific to that moment, to that specific audience and environment.

Avinash knows how to get his audience's attention. He likes making a dramatic statement to get everybody's attention and then goes on to convey his message. He involves the audience in his talk. His passion and belief in the topic of his talk combined with his knowledge and real life examples inject excitement in everyone. His message will be inspiring, refreshing and original. He will make you reflect, think and laugh.

Motivational Talk, Concepts And Topics

Avinash Narula’s motivational talk is unique because he has the ability to combine various motivational concepts and topics depending upon the situation. He has developed some motivational concepts of his own based on his experience which he uses in his motivational talk. He has the ability to approach the message of his motivational talk from various angles.

Some of the motivational concepts and topics that Avinash speaks on are as follows:

  Programs   Descriptions  
  Just say I will do it  

Concept developed by Avinash Narula based on his extensive professional and entrepreneurial experience. Only when we say, “I will do it” that we are able to achieve things beyond our imagination. Various items like posters, coffee mugs, pen stands, greeting cards, Video CD and seminars available on this topic. Read more.

  Why we lose values?  

Why is it that we are willing to lose our values at the drop of a hat. Based on Avinash Narula’s concept of "Instant Success."

  Have you stretched lately?  

If we want to be successful and achieve something extraordinary, we have to stretch, Stretch our abilities. Stretch our imagination. Stretch our capabilities. Only when we stretch beyond what we think we are capable of will we be successful. Posters, greeting cards and seminars available on this topic.

  Focus on what you have   We all know that we are never satisfied. We wish for one thing and when we get that we wish for another. Also, we almost always focus what we do not have and ignore what we have. As a result, we end up not taking advantage of what we have. Avinash Narula proposes that everybody has something that he can use to become successful. What is advantage of one is a disadvantage for another. Find out what you can do with a bird in hand rather than trying to get the birds in the bush.  
  You are like a software   We are like a software. Just as we do not know what all a software can do, we do not know what all we can do. As such, to fully exploit the capabilities of a software, we need to understand what it can do. Similarly, to fully exploit our own capabilities (both visible and hidden), we need to not only stretch our capabilities and imagination but also to say, “I will do it.” Concept developed by Avinash Narula. Posters, greeting cards and seminars available on this topic. Read more.