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Inspiring Sales Conference Speaker

Avinash Narula is a dynamic and inspiring sales conference speaker whose motivational sales talk is based on his practical sales experience as a professional executive and as an entrepreneur. He started his career as a salesperson. It now seems fortunate that he was always handed a difficult sales area to sell because he ended up learning a lot. He understands the tough job sales people perform. He relates with them and connects with them almost instantaneously.

Motivate Sales Team

As s sales keynote speaker, Avinash motivates the sales team with his motivational sales talk. He connects with the sales people at two levels. One, he motivates them. Second, he shares with them ideas to achieve consistent higher sales based on his practical sales experience. He inspires and encourages the sales team with his motivational talk and at the same time shows them the way to realize their true potential.

Motivational Sales Talk

No two presentations of Avinash Narula’s motivational sales talk are the same as he speaks extempore from his heart and experience. Which example or experience he will discuss when even he doesn’t know but he always ends telling an enthralling story that keeps everybody spellbound.

So, if you want your sales people charged up, just leave them with the master storyteller Avinash Narula who will convey a convincing message to them with an appropriate mix of theory and practice.

  Programs Descriptions  
  Achieving consistent higher sales The concept is based on Avinash Narula’s experience and his idea of building a pipeline. Avinash suggests that we need to take continuous actions to fill our pipeline of potential, existing and repeat customers to achieve consistent higher sales. How to keep the pipeline full, all you have to do is listen to Avinash Narula. Various items like Video CD and seminars available on this topic.