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Everybody in India is fed up with the issue of poor governance of this country. There is no law and order. If the judicial system delivers justice in one’s lifetimes, one is thankful. Nothing seems to work here. There is no rule of law.

The citizens of this country are the true owners of this country but in reality they are not. Avinash Narula feel that the only way out for the cirizens of this country is to start a second revolution where we take back our country by voting out the corrupt politicians in one shot and break the nexus between the bureaucrats, govt officials and the corrupt business people.

Initially, he wanted to fight corruption by contesting elections and started a website www.vote2change.org. However, Avinash is a very logical person. As he thought more and more about the subject, he realized that his winning an election will not achieve anything. He ultimately realized what the root cause and the solution to the problem was.

A large number of people think that the solution to our problems is that more and more people should vote. Avinash disagrees with it. He feels that more and more people voting will in fact make the current system and the current group of politicians more stronger. No wonder, a number of campaigns were conducted to motivate eligible voters to vote but it didn’t change the system or anything else.

Others like Anna Hazare thought that we should have more laws and the fight for Lokpal was fought unsuccessfully. More laws is not the solution. The solution lies in modifying current laws and implementing them. This is why Avinash opposed Anna Hazare’s campagn. Anna’s cause was right but his solution and method was not. Avinash predicted that Anna’s campaign will not go anywhere and it didn’t. For reasons, read his blog.

Till now he has talked management and motivational topics but now he is also interested in spreading his message on "How to make the Citizen of this country King again."

Want to know more about what the root cause of the problems in our country is and more importantly what the solution is, listen to Avinash Narula to find out.

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  What is wrong with our country and what is the solution

Today the country is owned by the bureaucrat, babus and the politicians. Corruption and lack of accountability is the root cause of the problem. How can we fix the problem. Can Lokpal fix the problem? No. Listen to Avinash Narula for the obly solution that is left for the Citizens of this country to take control of their country.