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Sales Mantra

Sales mantras by Avinash Narula, a sales and marketing expert. As a sales speaker, he speaks on a variety of sales and marketing topics. These include Achieving Consistent Higher Sales, and more.

Achieving Consistent Higher Sales – The Theory of Pipeline

We are always short of targets. This happens every month, every quarter and every year. We all know that companies are obsessed with achieving consistently higher sales. But how can this be done.

To achieve consistent higher sales, you will have to understand Motivational and management speaker Avinash Narula’s Theory of pipeline which suggest that you have to take the following actions:

(a)     Continuously take the right actions to develop the market for your products and services
(b)     Retain your customers

Theory of Pipeline is based on the analogy of a water pipeline. We know that when the pipeline is full of water, water flows out continuously. As such, if a company wants to achieve consistent higher sales, its sales people will have to work towards building a pipeline of customers. It is obvious that if the pipeline remains full, higher sales will result. A full pipeline of customers can only be achieved by taking correct actions on a continuous basis.

The other action required to keep the pipeline full is to go all out to retain customers. Remember, customers who leave you create a hole in your pipeline through which sales leak. And you will agree that we do not need our pipeline of customers to leak.

So if you want to achieve consistent higher sales, all you have to do is listen to keynote speaker Avinash Narula explain the concept in a simple manner with example from his professional experience. After you have heard him and adopted his method, achieving consistent higher sales will become automatic.