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Success Mantras

Success speaker Avinash Narula speaks on a variety of success mantras including Always do the right thing, Say I will do it and more.

Always Do The Right Thing

Effectiveness and efficiency are the two most important elements required to get the best results. Effectiveness refers to taking the right actions. Needless to say, you will not reach the objective or get the bests results if you have taken the wrong actions. The right thing is always the best thing to do. It is obvious that if you do not do the right thing, you will not get the best results.

Efficiency means doing the right actions in the right way, that is, following the right method of working. It is obvious that if you adopt a worng method of doing something, it will not get you the best results. In fact, you may end up not accomplishing what you intended to accomplaish.

Best results can only be achieved by an effective method of working and by taking the right actions. Remember, there is no short cut to success. Also, it follows that always focus on the method of working. Always, ask how and not how much or how many? It is the "how" which will define the "how much?" and "how many?"

Management, motivational and success speaker Avinash Narula will show you with examples from his life and those of others that focusing on doing the right thing and the method of working will pay rich dividends.