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Inspirational speaker Avinash Narula talks about success through a variety of inspirational topics. These include Say I will do it for success, Instant success and more.

Say I will do it

All successful people have done something ordinary in a better way than others. Or, they have done something extraordinary. In simple words, they have DONE SOMETHING.

To do something, ordinary or extraordinary, you have to first say, "I will do it." In other words, unless you try to do something or attempt to do something or decide to do something, how will you know whether you can do it or not?

If to achieve success, its something as simple as saying "I will do it" why don’t we just say "I will do ir?" All of us are afraid to say "I will do it" for a variety of reasons.

First, when we say "I will do it," you end up doing more work. You will have to spend time, effort and money on doing what you said you will do it. Now how many of you are interested in working late to do something on your own? I am sure not many. We all know that we do not accept responsibility voluntarily. For instance, suppose in a meeting the participants are asked, "Who will take the responsibility to complete the task?" You can be rest assured that nobody will raise their hands. The exceptional few who do are the ones who will benefit in the long run. If you analyze this aspect of our behavior, you will agree that it makes sense. Why should a person want to do more work? Normally, you do not get paid extra. Even if you do it successfully, the chances that you will get a pat on the back are low.

Second, we are afraid of failing and as such we do not accept responsibilities easily and voluntarily. Another valid reason. No one likes failing because it can result in loss of reputation and self esteem.

Lets look at the above from another angle. Do we know what all we are capable of? Are we aware of all our capabilities? I don’t think so. I think we are aware of some of our capabilities but not all. Taking my own experience into consideration, I sincerely believe we are not fully aware of all that we are capable of. I sincere believe that every human being is like an application software like Microsoft Word or Excel. Majority of us do not know what all a software like Microsoft Excel is capable of. Most of us just use Microsoft Excel for simple spreadsheets involving addition, subtraction and multiplication. We don’t know that it can perform a host of other functions for us. For instance, it can calculate financial values like Present and Future values.  We take the easy way out. We do not even try to find out what all the software can do for us. Similarly, most of us do not know what all we are capable of. There is latent or hidden talent in all of us just waiting to be exploited.

So, if you do not accept voluntarily accept responsibility to do something that you know you can do, you are not taking advantage of your known capabilities. You are missing on a chance to do something successfully. You are also missing on a chance to further enhance your existing capabilities and becoming an expert. Needless to say, you are missing on a chance to establish a competitive advantage for yourself.

On the other hand, if you do not voluntarily accept responsibility to do something because you are not sure whether you have the capability to do a particular act, assignment or job then most people will understand your unwillingness to accept responsibility. However, taking my experience and logic into account, I would disagree. I will share my experience with you later but let me first discuss my logic of why I disagree. First of all, everything that we know we are capable of has been revealed to us by the act of trying or saying "I will do it." For instance, I know I am capable of writing a book because sometime back I said "I will write a book." I didn’t dream that I had this capability and neither did any pundit tell me about it. Second, unless we try or say "I will do it," how will we know whether we can do it or not?

So if you want to do something better or something extraordinary, you have to say "I will do it." By saying "I will do it," you will not only be able to take advantage of the capabilities you have but you will also discover your hidden or latent capabilities. So, when you say "I will do it," you will become more successful.

Will you fail sometimes when you say "I will do it." Certainly. But failing will also be a blessing in disguise because you will learn from failure also. I believe that when you fail, you will learn what not to do next time. On the other hand, when you succeed, you will learn what to do next time. So stop worrying about failing. Just keep saying "I will do it." You will be surprised as to what you can achieve just like I did.