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Why Avinash Narula is a Unique Motivational Speaker?

What makes Avinash Narula a unique keynote speaker?

Every motivational speaker and keynote speaker has something unique about him. Every speaker has a different style and method. Here is what makes Avinash Narula one of the most exciting inspirational, political, management and sales conference speaker in the country.

1. A riveting story teller

One of the key strengths of Avinash Narula as a keynote motivational speaker is that he is a riveting story teller. His stories are not only interesting but are also relevant. He is obsessed with telling a convincing "story." He is also the only speaker in the country who has written a book titled “80/20 rule of Communicating Your Ideas Effectively” which focuses on how to tell a convincing story. He believes that a story should be logical, sequential, concise and smooth flowing. He learned about the importance of telling a good story from the Peter Van Kampen (Chairman of the company he worked for in the US). No wonder, his management seminars, motivational talks and keynote addresses are interesting and convincing stories that the audience always enjoys and relates to.

2. Believes that examples are great teachers

Avinash believes that the best way to learn is by real life examples, preferably interesting examples. He feels that examples are excellent means of explaining difficult management and motivational concepts as well as political, social and business ideas. He realized the importance of using examples after reading 2 books - Positioning and Marketing Warfare - by Al Ries and Jack Trout.

3. Blend an exciting mixture of theory, practice and creative thought

You combine diverse 35 years of practical experience as a company executive, entrepreneur, teacher, author, trainer and keynote speaker with broad educational background and a creative analytical mind to get a guy like Avinash Narula. Add to this his ability to delivery management seminars, motivational talks and keynote addresses with a judicious and interesting mix to theory, practice and creative thought and you have a winner. Most audiences do not like pure theoretical concepts. If they can be mixed with reality, it is always better.

4. Something Original. Something New. Something Interesting.

Avinash never speaks on any subject unless he can add value in any of the following ways:

(a)   Original thought: Avinash has to have some original thought with respect to the topic of his speech otherwise he will not speak on it.

(b)   Interesting way of explanation: If Avinash can explain a concept or an idea in a simple and interesting manner to enhance the understanding of the audience, he will speak on a topic otherwise not.

5. Making it simple and interesting

Avinash Narula is obsessed with making every management concept simple and easy to understand. Because of his diverse professional and educational background and analytical skills, he has developed a unique ability to explain management concepts and motivational thoughts in a simple and interesting manner to his audience. His books, articles, blogs and seminars are all focused on making management and motivational concepts interesting, jargon free and simple to understand. He says, "Generally management books are dull and boring. I want my books to be easy to read and interesting. I want to be the James Hadley Chase of management books."

 6. Extempore public speaking skills

Avinash Narula does not like to show slides. He speaks extempore. This make his talk sound very natural and from the heart.

7. Diverse Educational and professional background

Just like everything else about Avinash Narula, he has an extremely diversified academic and professional background. He has been a corporate executive. At present, he is an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, management professor, author and trainer all rolled into one. With over 35 years of professional work experience in India and United States, he has gained valuable insight into various aspects of business. His academic background includes a Bachelor of Commerce degree (ShriRam College of Commerce, Delhi University), an MBA degree (Specialization in Marketing and Finance) from University of Illinois, USA and a Bachelor of Science degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management (University of Houston). He is also a CPA (Certified Public Accountant). He is currently pursuing a PhD degree. While studing abroad, Avinash received a number of scholarships.

A prolific writer, Avinash has written 6 books and a number of articles. He also published a management magazine. Also, he has developed a number of unique and interesting Indian management case studies. Avinash won First Prize for writing a research paper on mergers and acquisitions.

8.Turning self-experience into lessons for others

Avinash Narula has a unique ability and interest in turning his experience into learning lessons for others. All his books are based on his experience. For instance, he ill-treated a customer in 1996 and ended up developing the concept of Customer Math as well as writing a book on the subject.

A critique of his presentation by the Chairman of his company resulted in Avinash developing a training program titled "80/20 Rule of Communicating Your Ideas effectively" as well as book on the subject.

Similarly, all his keynote addresses are based on his experiences and analytical thoughts filled with extensive relevant examples which leave the audiences spell bound.

9. Versatile speaker

Avinash Narula has the ability and knowledge to speak on a wide range of topics including management, motivation, sales, leadership, growth, inspiration, politics and success.